Data Recovery and Backup Plan (BUaas)

Our Backup as a service (BUaaS) will help protect and recover business data, Our system will monitor the health of your data environment and comply with government and industry regulations.

Our System manages your data with on-site, off-site and hybrid cloud–based solution.


Backup As A Service

You don’t need multiple solutions for your organisation data backup anymore.  Our managed Backup is a hosted console, fair on storage limits, and has enterprise-class features.

  • Automation frees your team to do other things.
  • Helps safeguard your data against ransomware attacks.
  • Schedule backups to offer a higher level of support.
  • We take care of the tedious stuff.
  • Use 50x less bandwidth for backups.


Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud service comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).  SLAs are focused on ensuring the availability of your cloud service. When you login to your Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, or, you can access the service. That is not the same When it comes to your data, however, terms of service may not always protect you.

Cloud providers encourage their customers to seek 3rd party backup and recovery solutions. 

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